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100% Organic Therapeutic Frankincense Oil (15ml)


100% organic frankincense oil, wild crafted

Botanical Name: Boswellia Carterii

Oil obtained by steam distillation from the resin

Country of origin: Somalia

Uses: relieves symptoms of gout, help to relieves urinary tract infection, relieve for asthma/cough, improve digestion, skin care booster, improve concentration etc.



– 100% organic frankincense oil

– Botanical name: Boswellia carterii

– Oil obtained by steam distillation from the resin

– Aroma: slightly sweet, woody, spicy, balsamic with a citrus top note

Frankincense  oil has a significant meaning in Christianity, and is believed to be one of the gifts offered by the three wise men to the newborn Jesus. Today, this fragrant resin is transformed into an essential oil that’s valued not only in religious practice, but also in aromatherapy and natural health. Frankincense oil has been proven to have many health benefits

How to use organic frankincense oil?

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15 ml




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