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Natural Raw Wild Honey



Han mountain undulating rolling, the plains at the mountains, flowers are blooming, bees are work hard to take nectar; Miracle Raw Wild honey collected from among the flowers, the Department of the essence of flowers, Fragrance of sweet, nutritious, has the honey feature of heat and complements, detoxification, dryness, convergence, etc. It is the traditional honey varieties.



1. Mix with fruits can treat gastrointestinal diseases such as bananas, pears, etc.; Because honey has a bactericidal effect, and can regulate gastrointestinal functions, and can supply copies of fruit and fiber; Treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers had a significant effect, while honey and fruit of the colitis, habitual constipation, children, elderly and pregnant women, constipation and dysentery have good effect.

2. Treatment for respiratory diseases: Clinical experience has shown that TB patients after serving with honey, hemoglobin increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate slowed down gradually to reduce cough, appetite increased.

3. Treatment of liver disease: Honey therapy for hepatic diseases can be done by mix with black bean vinegar; Complement honey, detoxification, blood purification by black bean vinegar, detoxification, and mutual aid working well.

4. Treatment of heart disease with nattokinase, to nutrition myocardial and improve myocardial metabolism, coronary artery expansion, so it can treat angina.

5. Role of beauty: the breeding of honey is a skin cell agent, External use on epidermal cells increased the cell activities to improve the nutritional status of the skin, Thus maintaining the natural glow of skin, soft white, Have special effects which can prevent skin aging. In addition, Honey with nutrient vinegar can treat hand, foot and chapped dermatitis, stomatitis, frostbite, burns and other diseases have a certain effect.







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